Tropical Fish Club of Burlington 

May-June, 2011



Betta splendens

Picture by David L. Isham



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The next Tropical Fish Club of Burlington meeting will be June 9th, 6:30 PM

at the Essex VFW, 73 Pearl St, Essex Jct, VT

May Editorial

Betta splendens by Richard “Max” Maxwell Jr.

Celebese Rainbowfish  By Janine Banks

Platy Fish 102 by Fran Kinghorn

Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) By Joan Ebbeson

Livebearers by Sam Hughes

Silver Hatchetfish by Brian Candib

Pearl Gourami by Ralph Perkins


Aquarium notebook

Tank news from the TFCB


Quote of the month:  “It seems that the fish lose their ability to discriminate between odors and are less repelled by odors they would normally avoid,”

Marine ecologist Philip Munday of James Cook University in Townsville, Australia

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{Monthly Bowl Show Rules [for September, bring "community fish"]}