Editorial TFCB September, 2011

This month's cover is a picture by myself. I did not have any fresh fish-pictures. Dave had the ones for his article, great pics, but none said "cover" to me.

Send me your pictures! How about if everyone sends in one picture of one tank? I could throw it all together into an article. If anyone doesn't have a camera, Brian Candib will be happy to come around & use his.

This years summer pot-luck was at Brian's house again. Everyone commented on what a saint Tammy is after seeing all the tanks in the kitchen & dining room! I have to say he keeps them pretty clean.

We also got to take a "behind-the-scenes" tour of the Echo Center, which everyone enjoyed. My wife wants a turtle now.

The September meeting saw some new members! Ira Gardner-Morse, Andrew Grasso, and Kerry Alley. Ira has been before with his parents, and is now out of college and setting up a tank. I brought in some ancistrus for him, and Fran bought some at the auction {algae issues!}.

 Click here for the TFCB monthly bowl show rules, bring White Cloud Mountain Minnows October 13.

Max and I are still working on getting him in the modern age of Internet publishing. It's easier than when he did it with trees.

Why is In depth so late? I have lots of excuses! I'll spare the reader, though.

David Isham



Where's the monthly meeting?

Essex VFW, 73 Pearl St, Essex Jct, VT


In Depth can always use articles! We print anything, and we have yet to see anything we did not like! I have the technology {spell-checker}.

If anyone needs inspiration:

1a. Fishrooms of the TFCB.

1. My favorite fish is:_____

2. The worst thing I ever did to a fish was____

3. How I got another tank past my spouse and into the house.

4. How to breed___.

5. 10 ways to tell that you are hooked on fish.

6. Fish poetry!

7. Fish cartoons!

8. What th?

9. NEC article!

10. Send pics of your fish, your fishroom, anything! I will print them!

11.A report and/or pictures from last month's meeting.