Editorial TFCB November, 2013

Hi all, In Depth is late this month, so sorry! I have been right out straight at work with equipment failures and a server crash. No data was lost, but a lot of people are unhappy about losing the Internet on a couple of days. Not my fault, but the buck stops here! I even neglected some water changes, and lost a couple of fish.

I thought I lost the new platys I got at our November auction as I did not get them a new heater in time when the weather turned cold. I was lucky, they have a new heater now, and I hope I'll bring some in to auction.

We've seen some nice-looking members' fishrooms lately, Ann & Brian, I put up a picture Dave brought of Rachel O'Leary's fish room {he said it was from her facebook page, linked to, but I did not find it. I'm crediting her}. Mine is embarrassing, a real mess of junk that does not go there! It's a pretty big room, I need to clear it out and put up more shelves. There are a few empty tanks ready to fill.

David Isham


Calendar of Events


January 9, 2014: TFCB meeting, a few of our members will be making short presentations.

Where's the monthly meeting?

Essex VFW, 73 Pearl St, Essex Jct, VT


Maybe everyone can write ONE article over the summer? Pleeasssse?

If anyone needs inspiration:

1c: what I learned from the last TFCB meeting

1a. Brian's fishroom.

1. My favorite fish is:_____

2. The worst thing I ever did to a fish was____

3. How I got another tank past my spouse and into the house.

4. How to breed___.

5. 10 ways to tell that you are hooked on fish.

6. Fish poetry!

7. Fish cartoons!

8. What th?

9. NEC article!

10. Send pics of your fish, your fishroom, anything! I will print them!

11.A report and/or pictures from last month's meeting.