Tropical Fish Club of Burlington  

 Minutes – September 12, 2013 

(11 people present, including officers)

Location: VFW, Essex Junction VT


6:30        Meeting called to order.

RAFFLE (miscellaneous items)


·         Lancaster PA A. Society is having a big event this coming weekend. Includes speakers, vendors, auction, etc)

·         Norwalk CT  A.S.  is having its annual show September 29th and 30th

·         New Hampshire A.S. will have its annual auction sometime in October, usually Columbus Day weekend.

·         The Vermont Marine Aquarists group is hosting a speaker, Steven Pro, on Saturday, October 27th at 1:30, at the VFW in Essex Junction.  The subject of the talk has not been decided yet.  Announcement will be forthcoming.

·         TFCB auction is set for Sunday, November 4th at the VFW in Burlington. Doors open at 10:30, auction begins at 12 noon sharp.


Treasurer’s report:     none


Secretary’s report:    Auction update:  Fran brought a few copies of the auction poster so people

could take and hang somewhere.  The poster is also available on Google Documents for people to print and distribute.  We discussed where to advertise in the coming weeks.  Janine volunteered to contact the Islander and the Front Porch Forum near her.


Speakers:      David is still trying to confirm speakers for October and November.   Asked for ideas for future speaker topics:

·         Native species (Dwight Moody would be good for this)

·         Fish food and feeding fish

·         Apistas

·         History of aquarist hobby

·         Corydoras

·         Livebearers

·         Fish safari stories/travel logs

·         Substrates

·         Shrimp


                Bowl Show   - cancelled this month



·         Brian Candib asked about the current situation with the web site.  David Banks said he is able to access everything we need at this point and it looks good.  A suggestion was made that we should send Dan Gwordz a thank-you note for hosting it for free.  Fran will do.

·         Brian Candib asked when the next BOD meeting was going to be.   It was tentatively set for Thursday, October 4th, at Ira’s apartment.  6:00 or 6:30.  Pizza from Leonardo’s was also mentioned.

·         Discussed ways to increase memberships. The possibility of have some road trips instead of or in addition to regular meetings was brought up.  An example was going out to catch a few native species.

·         Brian C. suggested the club get involved with the C.A.R.E.S. Preservation Program

·         A question was asked about the breeder program we’ve been attempting to get started for a couple of years.  The first thing that needs to happen is a huge typing project.  There are about 30 11x17 pages of scientific names that need to be typed up first. David and Janine have the only copy in their basement.  Fran said she might be interested in taking on the challenge.  Janine suggested maybe they attempt it together.

·         The November 8th meeting might be changed to the following week, November 15th because of speaker availability.   Look for announcement. 


7:30        5 minute break


7:35        Discussion –  everyone present gave a brief overview of their aquariums and fish, with lots of lively conversation.


Auction -  none


9:00        Meeting adjourned.