Tropical Fish Club of Burlington Bowl Show Rules


   1. Fish must be displayed in a bare tank or bowl, i.e. no decorations, no
      gravel etc..  The tank or bowl must have one flat side & hold less than 20
      gallons of water.


   2. A limited supply of bowls is maintained by the club.  If a bowl is needed
      for an upcoming bowl show, it should be reserved ahead of time.
      Remaining bowls will be available on a first come, first serve basis
      at the meeting.


   3. Life support systems are not encouraged, but will be accepted if necessary
      to sustain a particular fish.


   4. No lights.
   5. Water is available, but entrants must supply their own water conditioner,
      nets, etc.


   6. There is a limit of 3 entries per person per class.


   7. Judging will be by both popular vote and a qualified judge,
      when available.


   8. The Tropical Fish Club of Burlington is not responsible for any loss
      or damage resulting from these bowl shows.