Editorial TFCB May, 2014

For the May meeting we have a live speaker on fish nutrition, Les Wilson. He is from Cobalt, and I believe there will be some of their excellent products for auction.

This month's cover is the same as last month's! Send me some new pictures.

Another article from Dwight this month! the Dave Banks vacation continues! I also reprinted an article by myself on how I make my own fish food, as this is nutrition-month.


In my own tanks, My yellow Malawi cichlids spawned, one female looks like a pelican, and the largest male has a black chin now. I will try to avoid stripping her. I need some coarse screen to make shelter for the fry; we saw how to do this at NEC last year during Charles Clapsaddle's presentation. I also have a power filter running in the tank, so maybe I need to get things ready for next time!

My rainbows, Melanotaenia trifasciata - {Goyder River} are in a fifty five gallon by themselves with plants. Not spawning yet, I may need more shelter for  eggs.

I got my Whiteclouds a new power head. They have tons of xmas tree moss in a 40 gallon. This is the only egg-scatterer that I've ever spawned, and I'm hoping the warmer weather will get them going! No heater, west window, no algae. Lots of emmersed giant Hygrophilia. Spell checker does not know about "emmersed".

David Isham


Calendar of Events


January 9, 2014, 6:30pm: TFCB meeting, a few of our members will be making short presentations.

February 13, 2014: TFCB 25th anniversary party! Cake and door prizes! A short retrospective by Max and Dave B. We hope to see a few old-timers.

March 13, 2014: TFCB monthly meeting.

March 28-30 NEC annual convention!

June 6-8, 2014: TFCB 25th anniversary event. still being planned, more info at the January 9th meeting.

Where's the monthly meeting?

Essex VFW, 73 Pearl St, Essex Jct, VT



Maybe everyone can write ONE article while staying inside while it's cold? I might prevent cabin fever! Pleeasssse?

If anyone needs inspiration:

1c: what I learned from the last TFCB meeting

1a. Brian's fishroom.

1. My favorite fish is:_____

2. The worst thing I ever did to a fish was____

3. How I got another tank past my spouse and into the house.

4. How to breed___.

5. 10 ways to tell that you are hooked on fish.

6. Fish poetry!

7. Fish cartoons!

8. What th?

9. NEC article!

10. Send pics of your fish, your fishroom, anything! I will print them!

11.A report and/or pictures from last month's meeting.