Home Made Food for Discus

David L. Isham


 TFCB April, 2007 Reprint May, 2014

I have "gone discus" again.

One of the things "discus people" do is make their own food. Beef heart has a history, and is an ingredient in many recipes. I was not so sure that I wanted to go this route just because I now had discus, but making my own food was something I had been wanting to do for a long time, regardless of the species I was working with. So I went for it!

I need to say right now that my starting point was the recipe "Discus Hans" showed us at the NEC this year {2007}. Paprika is on my shopping list, but NOT in my food yet. Color. Red. DH showed us a nice pic of all his ingredients. I have one, too.

Basically, fish are better off eating protein derived from other fish. I won't even put the sources I have used to gain this knowledge in a bibliography. Too bad for you. It's true, though, and my recipe is based on shrimp and fish. Believe it with no support. Look it up, I know you can!

1. save 2 shrimp out next time you eat them. ME shrimp are the best.

2. save an equal amount of fish, next time...

3. crush a vitamin pill, and mix it in.

4. **REVISED May 2014: I do not use any beef or chicken, only some chicken-liver.** Add some beef and chicken stuff, but NOT as much {1/4} as the fish. I like a small amt of LEAN hamburg {instead of beef heart}, and some chicken liver.

5. Fat is bad!

6. Don't forget, FAT is BAD. try not to add any.

7. Butternut squash. Less than the fish meat, about as much as the beef-stuff. Rosario LaCorte recommends this stuff.

8. good flake food.

9. Garlic. How could this be bad? It is recommended for getting rid of intestinal parasites, and it is obviously delicious.

10. Paprika. For color.

11. Proportions? look at the pic and guess. That's what I do. Whoops, No pic this time...

12. Mix it up really well.


OK. I chop it all up really fine. Really Fine. Chopping {a grinder of food processor?} when it is still mostly frozen helps . Mix it up. Put it in a zip-lock of the right size. squash it so that it is about 1/8 inch thick, and freeze it.

I am still working on the proportions of the ingredients.

When it is frozen, just take it out and break off the right size chunk to feed your fish. I have been thawing it in the water.

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