Tank news from the TFCB

11-03-13: You all got new fish at the auction, and we all wnat to hear about them. pictures!

5-11-13: Dave's tanks: A. caucatiodes! I lost one of two males I got at NEC. The other is in a ten gallon with two females I got from Andrew. I have another female with no mate in a planted 55 gallon. I don't think I can catch her. These fish really like the frozen discus food I make.

5-5-13: 24 chili rasboras! all made it home from NEC vendor room. I gave 14 to Laura, and I still have 10. I have to set up a small planted display tank for these.

4-10-13: Brian's article with pictures is in the April In Depth! I think a few people picked up some fish at the NEC auction? I got some Apistogramma caucatoides and some chili rasboras.

1-10-13: Brian Candib has his fishroom up & running! Pictures and article will be forthcoming for sure.

12-14-12: See this month's editorial, we have lots this month!

9-13-12: Is no news good news? I don't think so...

11-3-11: D. Isham. My Betta died.

9-8-11: D. Isham added two S. petricola to his "platy tank". Thanks Banks. Ira & Fran both got a pair of my Ancistrus sp. for algae control. See "A Great Question" this month!

11-21-10: This section will self-destruct if there is zero input from members before 1-1-2011.

11-21-10: From Fran: ICK! ICK! YUCK! Save my fish! Help me!

11-7-10: From Brian Candib: I bought too many fish! Help me!

11-7-10: Janine & Fran: we worked all day, and everyone thanks them!!

11-7-10: Doug worked all day, and we thank him too.

11-7-10: Julie: we miss the red hair!

11-7-10: ALL: I bought some fish, I sold some fish, but I'm not sharing with In Depth! My tanks are a secret, known only to____.

10-12-10: No news? That's not good news!

9-9-10: No news?! I think Brian Candib won the bowl show with a blue ram; it was the only entry.

5-22-10: From Dave Isham: I got two outdoor tubs started. One is my big Rubbermaid cattle-waterer, which had a ton of bugs in it already. I added some Lake Victoria cichlids, those "Ruti Island" ones that I keep forgetting the name of. I got them from Dave Banks. I've had good luck with them in my cellar, even down to 65 F.

The other tub has some guppies, my "mixed fancy guppies", that have done time outside for many years now.

3-5-10: from Dave Isham: I got a bag of 10 J. transcriptus at the NEC auction, and they all died. The tank still has two platies alive that were there when I put them in. The tank had had a 50% water change the week before, and two years ago I spawned J. regani in the same tank. The tank has one power filter, and one sponge filter. My best guess as to what happened is that I overloaded the filters, as they had been running on a light bioload.

12-2-09: From Dave Isham: I lost the two new rainbowfish to ich, and at least one of the 10 Corydorus paleatus in the same tank. The temp is up to 80 F now, I need to get the white clouds and the lace plant out tonight, or the higher temp may kill them. Everyone else can go to 90F to kill the ich.

11-8-09: We all got new fish at the Giant Auction!

From Dave Isham: My 55 gallon in the living room has some new residents: a pair of rainbow fish, and eight Corydorus paleatus. I also got 5 long-fin ancistrus, four small angels, and quite a few firemouth fry.

10-13-09: From Dave Isham: I lost a pearl gourami. I will move a pair to their own 30 gallon tank. I have some green water going in a two liter soda bottle, hoping for fry! I bred these once, long ago...

9-29-09: From Richard Maxwell:

Max’s Tank News From The Old North End

 What I have for tanks and bowls here in Burlington, Vermont.

 One twenty high with an AquaClear 150 power filter.


·       Tetras: 4 Rummy Nose~~2 Bleeding Hearts~~2 Neons~~3 Red Eyed~~1 Pristella

·       Danios: 3 Zebras~~5 Pantheri (from last years auction)

·       1 Pair of German Blue Rams (last years auction)

·       2 Corydoras Trillineatus (last years auction)

I have a 2-˝ gallon I am going to put the Pantheri in and see if I can get some fry.

 One ten-gallon with a sponge filter and a corner filter with floss only.


·       1 male Apistogramma Cacatuoides Double Red (he will be in the October bowl show)

 One two-gallon bowl with no filter except the plants.


·       Trio of Cobra Guppies and four fry (monthly auction)

 One one-gallon bowl no filter except the plants.


·       1 male Betta (Lazarus)

 One one-gallon Mason Jar no filter except the plants.


·       1 male Plakat Betta (dragon)



9-3-09: From Dave Isham:

Lots of baby guppies came back inside! they made it through 2 nights of less than 60F. 4 ancistrus came in also, 2 albino, 2 normal. The Madagascar lace plant is still out there, looking nice, leaves are redder than an inside specimen. White Cloud Mtn Minnows are still out.

6-11-09: I {D.I.}pulled out two scoops of ancistrus, one for TFCB auction, one for Canamak Farms' small pond.

5-12-09: No news?!! I'm trying for species that might live in my dark septic tank. anyone got some oddball cave-fish? For now, one of many Ancistrus. An albino, lots of cave fish are white.

5-10-09: My pl3co died. he is out on the lawn, waiting for a seagull.

4-7-09: Kind of short on news! I flushed a Julidochromis regani.

4-4-09: From Dave Isham: at least one of my new Julidochromis regani died, and out of six I only see one! I got these at NEC this year, and they looked pretty happy for several days. I did have a little trouble getting the heater adjusted right, and it went up to 84 deg F. I would not think that to be an issue, as the tank has a power filter and a sponge filter moving a lot of water. This same tank had some J. regani breeding a couple of years ago. Temp is at 79 degrees. My other Tanganykans breed at that temp.

The six wild-caught Trichogaster leeri are all OK. Also from this year's NEC.

3-12-09: News from your editor, Dave Isham:
Today a new crop of ancistrus came out! We now know that they can breed with a school of Corys in the same tank.

Dan saved the fish below, see this month's editorial for a new pic of it.

I must say, I am NOT seeing a lot of tank-news! Bad news counts too...

3-5-09: Dave I:  I discovered that my shell-dwellers, Neolamprologus multifasciatus have spawned, and the fry are pretty big {for them}, at 1/4" or so.

2-8-09: No tank news from anyone! However,

Max is sending in articles! I think the apisto threat worked; his email-address has the word "apisto" in it. I will need to threaten a different species with flushing now.

HHmmm. lots of people like Africans from the rift lakes! We saw them in "some stores" as, how was it? mixed Africans? generic Africans? I can't remember, but there was a term for a mixed-up tank that offended me.

No flush this month, but next month? Mwwahh-ha-haaaaa! They're PRETTY, too!

Aulonocara nyassae

I always hated these blue stripy guys anyway! Too showy! Give me a nice Central American cichlid.

Don't get toooo worried, though. I often flush algae and snails down the toilet, too. he might survive?

12-15-08: There is no news ?! Some poor fish will be in harm's way to start the new year.