Editorial TFCB September, 2015

We have Karen Randall as a speaker this month, tomorrow! I've met her, seen her talk, don't miss it! Freshwater aquarium plant expert.

Egg-scatterers that I have been breeding inside with no heater. Epiplatys dageti

I tried to get them all out to my rubbermaid tub. they survived temps down to 50f! but I think they all died for some reason. Luckily, I did NOT get all of them out of the indoor tank. I have at least five that grew up inside.

My Yellow Lab "Lion's Cove" from Malawi keep spawning. I've grown up one fry in a tank with an Emperor 400! They're hard to catch, and I'm lazy. I put in a plastic mesh cylinder to try to give shelter... at least one female is holding now.

I am down to only TWO discus!! I suspected an infection, and raised the temp. I watched it for a couple of days, things looked OK, but then warmer weather combined with the heaters, and I think the tank may have gotten as high as 100f! An emergency water change with cooler water saved the last two.

Still breeding Ancistrus and red swords. I need to make a spawning mop for some rianbows, I think they are doing it, too!

My goldfish has gone to "goldfish heaven"! Ha, that does NOT mean dead, he is at Julien Poupard's 1,000 gallon pond in Montreal. Thanks to Genevieve, and I hope I got J's name right!

It's been a long summer! NEC, ACA, North Atlantic Blues Festival, Cape Breton Island! Still recovering from the expense, had to hit savings, but still glad. We are planning on Cape Breton again next year: Celtic Colors!




David Isham


Calendar of Events


May 14, 2015 Monthly meeting.

Oct 25, 2015 annual auction!

Where's the monthly meeting?

Essex VFW, 73 Pearl St, Essex Jct, VT



Maybe everyone can write ONE article while staying inside while it's cold? I might prevent cabin fever! Pleeasssse?

If anyone needs inspiration:

1c: what I learned from the last TFCB meeting

1a. Brian's fishroom.

1. My favorite fish is:_____

2. The worst thing I ever did to a fish was____

3. How I got another tank past my spouse and into the house.

4. How to breed___.

5. 10 ways to tell that you are hooked on fish.

6. Fish poetry!

7. Fish cartoons!

8. What th?

9. NEC article!

10. Send pics of your fish, your fishroom, anything! I will print them!

11.A report and/or pictures from last month's meeting.