Tropical Fish Club of Burlington 

January, 2016



denisoni barb.

Photo by David Banks


Tetra Tales #7

An Anosto What? The Striped Anostomus (Anostomus anostomus)

By Anthony P. Kroeger


The Catfish-cianado #8

The Chocolate-Striped Synodontis, Synodontus flavitaeniatus

By Anthony P. Kroeger

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***The next Tropical Fish Club of Burlington meeting will be January 14, 2016

6:30pm, at the Essex VFW, 73 Pearl St, Essex Jct, VT

January, 2016 Editorial

Members' Tanks: send pictures of your tanks!

Aquarium notebook

Tank news from the TFCB


Quote of the month: I can't hear the TV! Add some water to that tank! Ellen Isham.


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Max told me that the bowl show is not dead yet.

{Monthly Bowl Show Rules}