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2017 Meeting Calendar

Monthly meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at the VFW in Essex Junction, VT and start at 6:30PM   June 8 – Ted Judy, “Colombia 2016 – Llanos” Summer picnic – July 29th, Collin Sourdiff will host at his house in Underhill Sept 14 – Mike Tuccinardi, “Where Fish Come from; wild caught to… Read More »

Special Meeting Oct 11, Hans-Georg Evers

TROPICAL FISH CLUB OF BURLINGTON presents Hans-Georg Evers “Stories from a Tropical Living Room” Habitats of Corydoras Catfish. Tuesday Oct 11th at 6:30PM Holiday Inn, 1068 Williston Rd, S. Burlington, VT. Open to all, free admission and door prizes, plus an auction. Hans is a worldwide expert of catfish and will be visiting Vermont from… Read More »

Annual Auction, Sunday Oct 30th

thanks you to these sponsors, and everyone that sold items, bough titmes and helped out, it was a very successful auction!  Please check out the sponsors web pages to see more info on the products they donated. Cichlid Press Hikari Tannin Aquatics Cichlid News The Pleco Feeder ZooMed Amazonas/Coral Magazine Florida Aquatic Nurseries Sera USA… Read More »

March 12th – special TFCB meeting

The Tropical Fish Club of Burlington will host a Marine and Reef Aquarium Day on Saturday March 12 starting at 1PM. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn on Williston Rd in South Burlington. There will be a Frag Swap where hobbyist can share and sell frags of corals and other marine life.… Read More »

Submit an article or photo for In Depth, get paid ( maybe anyways! )

To increase newsletter contributions, the Board discussed creating an incentive program. Beginning with the February newsletter, each submission will earn one raffle ticket. A submission is defined as an original, stand-alone photograph or illustration, an article or column. A column or article that is submitted with original, supporting photos or illustrations will earn two tickets.… Read More »

TFCB Calendar 2016

Oct 11, SPECIAL meeting, Holiday Inn, Williston Rd. Hans Evers, “Stories from a Tropical Living Room, Habitats of Corydoras Catfish”  download flyer Oct 30, TFCB All Day Auction, Fish , live plants, new and used aquarium items.  Holiday Inn, Williston Rd, opens at 11AM, auction starts 12 noon.  download flyer Nov 10th – TFCB meeting,… Read More »

Auction items – partial listing – Sunday 10/25

  Aulonocara jacobfrebergi, tsano rocks Geophagus steindacneri Labeotropheus trewavasae opal Poecelia mexicana Synodontis lucipinnis (dwarf petricola) java fern anubias – large Pundimilia nerrerei, Ruti Island Crytpoheros nanoluteus Crytpoheros nanoluteus zoogoneticus tequila Synodontis lucipinnis (dwarf petricola) vinegar eels microworms Bristlenose trio Albino bristlenose tri DD Phillipine blue trio DD Phillipine blue trio DD Phillipine blue trio… Read More »