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In Depth – TFCB newsletter

The TFCB newsletter In Depth is published monthly ( well almost ) and links are sent to the Yahoo group mailing list. We cannot currently update the links on the web page to include the new issues, so I am including them here, click on read more below. David

Server Upgrade = Software Upgrade

Our host has upgraded to PHP5, forcing me to upgrade to the newest version of our CMS software, followed by some source code aerobics, as php5 support for this branch of the software only exists in daily development builds and the branch that does support PHP5 is a complete rebuild with no easy way to… Read More »

TFCB mailing list

There is an email mailing list on Yahoo Groups that we use to send meeting announcements and the newsletter. You can also use the mailing list to ask questions or share any news that you have. To join, simply go to the Yahoo Groups website and sign up for the TFCB list (you may need… Read More »