Tropical Fish Club of Burlington 

September, 2010



Blue Frogs hanging out at the Baltimore Aquarium.

Photo by Dave Isham

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The next Tropical Fish Club of Burlington meeting will be on October 14th, 7PM

at the Burlington VFW, 176 South Winooski Ave, Burlington, VT.

September Editorial

How Did They Name it?  by David Lass

Getting Good Advice by David Lass

Dave’s Top Ten list for “Fish Keeping Tips” By David Banks

Aquarium notebook

Discus Video, AVI, by William Harris Isham

Tank news from the TFCB


Quote of the month:  “I just hope people will still care next year,” ichthyologist Prosanta Chakrabarty of Louisiana State University’s Museum of Natural Sciences in Baton Rouge.

 From "New 'walking' fishes discovered in Gulf oil-spill zone" By Susan Milius

Published in ScienceNews Web edition : August 14, 2010

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{Monthly Bowl Show Rules [for September, bring "community fish"]}