Tropical Fish Club of Burlington 

April, 2010



Labidochromis caeruleus

Picture by Joel Wheeler



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The next Tropical Fish Club of Burlington meeting will be April 14th, 6:30 PM

at the Essex VFW, 73 Pearl St, Essex Jct, VT

April Editorial

Fish to Go by Ralph Perkins

Mouthbrooders By Joel Wheeler

Platy Fish 101 by Fran Kinghorn

TFCB members receive prestigious awards!  By Brian Candib

Aquarium notebook

Tank news from the TFCB


Quote of the month:  "Daphnia's high gene number is largely because its genes are multiplying, creating copies at a higher rate than other species," said project leader and the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics (CGB) genomics director John Colbourne.

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{Monthly Bowl Show Rules [for September, bring "community fish"]}