TFCB Annual Auction , Sunday Oct 25th

Thank you everyone that contributed to the auction.  It was well attended and a great success.  Please support those that supported us. Viewing starts at 10:30, auction at noon at the VFW in BURLINGTON, 176 S. Winooski Ave.  You can download the flyer here: tfcb auctionflyer-2015 And the rules and vendor entry forms here: auctionrules2015… Read More »

Aquatic Experience – Nov 7-9, Schaumburg, IL

Everything aquatic under one roof!  Show floor with vendors and manufacturers, top fish experts sharing their knowledge, aquascaping contest with cash prizes!, and lots more. Wanted to share some exciting news that might interest you all! Aquatic Experience’s Aquascaping Live! Contest is returning for a second time, Nov. 6-8, 2015 . Contestants can compete in… Read More »

TFCB 2015 Schedule

TFCB meetings are held at the VFW Hall in Essex Junction, on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30PM   Dec 10th – TFCB holiday meeting   Jan 8th – video Feb 12th – Jean-Pierre Camus, Cory Family Mar 12th – Ann Whitman, Breeding Angelfish April 9th – Bill Gill, Guppies May 14th – David… Read More »

TFCB Fall Annual Auction 2014

Giant Auction Fish, Plants, New and Used Equipment, Fish Foods, etc Sunday Oct 26, 2014 Noon VFW Hall 73 Pearl St Essex Junction, VT tfcb auctionflyer auction rules AUCTIONENTRYFORM AUCTIONENTRYFORM  ( word doc )   List of preregistered items, plus a whole lot more coming Ancistrus Ancistrus Java Moss Java Moss Giant Hygro Giant Hygro… Read More »

TFCB Sept 11th meeting

Please join the Tropical Fish Club of Burlington on Thursday September 11th for an illustrated lecture by renowned tropical fish expert Steve Lundblad of Portland, Oregon. The lecture, entitled Bringing the Unique to Your Aquarium, will be presented at 6:30 pm at the VFW is Essex Junction, 73 Pearl st. Fish keepers with all levels… Read More »

Thank You all!

TFCB ‘s 25th anniversary event was a great success and we would like to thank everyone that attended, helped or contributed in many ways.  Please visit the thank you page and visit those that helped to sponsor this event.

June 8 auction items

Below are some of the items that will be in the auction: David & Janine are planning to bring:Synodontis petricola, Checkered Barb, Purple Passion Danio, Labidochromis “Lemon Yellow”, Steatoncranus tinanti, Opthalmotilapia ventralis, gold marble angelfish , brown and albino ancistrus, pseudomogil conniei, java fern, bolbitus, Cryptocorne parva, trident java fern, anubias, vinegar eels and microworms… Read More »

TFCB shirts available

Order your shirts now! TFCB is having club shirts made.  They will have our blue and green round TFCB logo on the back, with a black pen and ink drawing of 2 angelfish on the front. We must have your order by May 1stso we can have them printed and available at the May 15th… Read More »

TFCB T-Shirt Design Contest

At the last meeting the club decided we should print our own TFCB shirts.  We need some designs to choose from, please submit your designs by April 1 and we will pick one at the April 10th meeting.  Rules are HERE.  Winner gets a FREE shirt!